“The trial and other strange stories”


Call for 15 professional actors upon selection
Any age and gender. A good level of spoken English is required.
Send photos and Cv to lottounicobox@gmail.com / within June 10th

This year VP and Lottounico will cover most of the workshop costs giving the
participants the possibility to pay a very low fee.


JULY 17 – 21
10 am – 6 pm


The workshop will focus on The Trial by Franz Kafka and some new materials written by
Matthew Lenton. It will be the beginning of a new show for Vanishing Point, which will be
made over the next two years.
Actors will work both in English and Italian.


“The Trial is perhaps Kafka’s seminal novel. Having worked on The Metamorphosis
with ERT a few years ago, I discovered a particular connection with Kafka’s world and
developed my own understanding of it. One of the things I discovered is how
underestimated Kafa’s humour is. This leads me to a curiosity – can we capture the
feeling of The Trial in a way that does justice to its serious themes, but also enjoys its
absurd humour and heightened style? Working from the novel – not an adapted
playtext – we will begin to construct our own version of Josef K and his world.
Perhaps something based on the Trial, if not The Trial itself.”



In June 2022 we invited Matthew to lead a workshop for actors in our space and at
the end of it, both Matthew and his Company, have expressed interest to start a
collaboration with us, joyfully we begun to immagine a common path. This workshop
will be the first step of this intent: This year VP and Lottounico will cover most of the
workshop costs giving the participants the possibility to pay a very low fee.

Lottounico & Vanishing Point

We have followed Vanishing Point’s work since their production of Interiors (2009) at
Napoli Teatro Festival, Italy. We admire their work for their unique gaze on the
human being and the attention and care they have always had in each of their
creations. We are dazzled by their poetics and we would be honored to host their
forthcoming workshop at Lottounico. They are a point of reference for the subjects
they deal with, the choices they make, their desire to build a bridge with Europe
beyond Brexit.


“Lottounico offers an exciting environment for anyone to get lost in art for a week. It’s
the kind of space I dreamed about as a young artist, a space in which like-minded
international practitioners could come together to explore and collaborate on new
ideas. Our relationship with Lottounico is strong and we hope together to establish
the foundations for a regular laboratory process where internationals co-production
can begin.”







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